• Graef Burr Coffee Bean Grinder

    Firstly, this is a fantastic value for money conical burr grinder! If you love your coffee, you'll love the Graef Coffee Grinder. With variable grind settings, you can grind finely for highly tuned espresso machines or coarsely for use in a French press and everywhere in between. Excellent. Even better, the bean holder fits a whole 250g bag of beans, so no more spilling the beans in the cupboard, and you can grind just as much as you need for a cup. Simply hold the filter basket or ground container beneath the rubber spout, and push against the switch at the back. The grinder will grind and fill up the basket or ground container at the same time, so when it is filled to your liking, simply pull away from the button. Easy and quick.
    The conical grinder grinds beans evenly, without creating friction which releases bitter oils from the beans.

    Technical specifications:

    • 230 V ~ 128 W 50 H
    • 132 mm x 230 mm x 385 mm
    • 2,54 kg

    Coffee grinder includes:

    • 250 g coffee container with dust cover
    • Cleaning brush
    • Filler neck
    • Conical grinder
    • Grind setting 1 - 24
    • On-off switch
    • Auto-function for group handle
    • Rubber base

    UK Price: 149 or less if you look!
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